4 Tips to Create a Great Team

Behind every successful team there is a strong culture. This is created by the values and vision of the business. A healthy work culture is to recognise people are people and that they all feel valued, heard and safe.
Here are our four tips on building a great team.
1- Have a Vision and Purpose for the Business
At Cuffed-in Coffee our vision is to create a community of coffee lovers who Drink Coffee, Seek Adventure and Enjoy Life. We want to become a brand known around the world. We also want to show our local community that you can create a business no matter where you are or what your circumstances are. This is because we’re from a  economically deprived little town where there is not much economic activity. 
This clarity of vision helps us to recruit the right people build our culture and keeps us moving when times are a little tougher.
2- Allow Team Members to be Themselves
We live in a very judgemental world with social media portraying the perfect view of everything and anything short of that is just not up to standard.
As a business owner it is our responsibility to remember people are people and are not a tool to be used to create money.
Here at Cuffed-in Coffee we accept people for who they are. Some people like to wear pink and blue trousers *cough* Tom, some people have their own little rituals *cough* Connor and we all have our own unique personality and way of interacting with customers. We do have our standard operating procedures of how to greet and meet customers but there is enough trust to allow each team member to communicate how they wish.
We also like to talk about complex topics such as "What is the meaning of life?" we get all opinions without judgement this allows everyone to be themselves without fear of being judged which in turn increases team bonding and general happiness
3- Communicate with Your Team
It is very important to communicate with the team. As a team we check in each day to discuss the days tasks, and at the end of the day we discuss how the day went and the plan for tomorrow and we repeat. 
We make it a point for staff members speak the mind if there is something they have to offer. Complete honesty and trust is needed to run a business where everything gets done and everyone is happy.
The important thing here is to take action on the feedback most of the changes we have made in our business has come from staff feedback. These are the guys on the front line which is why it’s very important to take on their suggestions.
Due to the Faith that the team have in being heard they truly feel part of the team and feel like they are contributing to the success of the business.
This all leads to better cohesion and trust in each other!
4- Lead from the front
Leading from the front is especially important when you have a small team. Leading from the back although it does help with the long-term vision of the company, can make your staff feel alienated, which will result in less productivity and decrease in team morale.
Leading from the front and boosts team morale and enables quick solutions to problems and creates a more inclusive decision-making process. A problem shows up, you are on hand to solve it quickly and calmly with the help of the team.
You as the owner/leader set the standard. Show up enthusiastic, driven and happy and watch your team show up enthusiastic, driven and happy.
Drink coffee seek adventure enjoy life