Cuffed-in... What does it mean?

What is it to be cuffed-in? Well, think about the life of a prisoner.  wake-up, roll-calls, morning exercises, times for meals, work, school, studying, as well as the times prescribed for sports events, telephone calls and walks.


The purpose of prison is to rehabilitate. To make the person who went in come out a better person.


So to be cuffed-in you have to give yourself regular wake up and bed time, hold yourself accountable, exercise, work, study, enjoy leisure, speak to loved ones and get outside in nature.


In the western world today, we are facing a crisis of meaning. Nobody knows what to do with their lives. We are facing a mental health crisis with record levels of anxiety, depression and mental illness. We are facing a health crisis with more people dying from eating too much food than there are people starving (which is the first time in our known history).


Being Cuffed-in is as The Author Jordan Peterson wrote is an antidote to chaos. By living with integrity, discipline and compassion we can live our lives to the fullest capacity and reach our potentials.


Our motto “drink coffee, seek adventure, enjoy life” encompasses what our business is about. Serving the best coffee, inspiring adventure and enjoying a life filled with purpose and passion.


Drink Coffee, Seek Adventure, Enjoy Life