How I Began My Journey

Originally posted August 21, 2018

So the story starts only 5 years ago. In that 5 years I have travelled to 48 countries. I have worked as a camp counsellor in the United States, I've been a ski rep/barman in a little ski village in France, and for the last 3 years I have been working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for 3 years as a sports staff.

It all started near the end of my university degree. I was sitting at my laptop procrastinating as per usual when I had a great idea. I was going to join the camp america program and work the summer as a camp counselor. I never really travelled before the age of 21 and never really thought much about it, apart from a couple of family holidays when I was younger and 2 very cultural lads holiday to Magaluf that was about as travelled as I got. I rarely even got the opportunity to walk around a city, because I live on an island off an island in North Wales. To put it in leighmans terms I had to drive 45 minutes to get a pizza hut.  I even lived at home during my 3 years at university, 

So I'm there sitting at my laptop with this idea. I googled Camp America, I clicked on the link for the their website had a quick browse around the site. I remember I started filling out the application. I remember thinking to myself if I just fill out the application then I will have to commit to it. 

It was as simple as that I had an urge to do something and followed through with it. I didn't think about the fact I didn't have a lot of money, actually when I say not a lot I mean not enough to pay for the whole cost for the process but I used the money I had to put down the first payment and from there I had no choice but to find the money. If not then I lost the money I put down and knowing that I committed to something that I didn't give my all to would have damaged my self confidence. 

The next couple of days I got a credit card which had a limit of 900 pounds sterling. With that then I could fully pay off the balance with Camp America and because I had a job as a pot washer at the time alongside being a part time lifeguard at the local leisure centre and the occasional delivery driver shift for my school friend Quiang and his families Chinese restaurant I could pay the balance off pretty quickly. But in reality I carried on being materialistic and immature with my money and spent it all on clothes and supplements to get swole for the summer!

So the moral of the story? If you have an idea. If there is something you've been wanting to do. YOU have to make that first step. Once you make that first step you are then "cuffed-in" to achieving your dreams.