Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Originally posted September 19, 2018

I feel that today it is far too easy to give up. Live is portrayed as a perfect paradise when really it is not. When using social media people use it as a tool to market themselves. They only post the best parts of their lives because thats ultimately what people want to see and believe life is when in reality it is not.

I am guilty for this myself take for example my last post on my Facebook page. I wanted people to now that I was returning for a ski season in France where I will be living the high life.

What I did not mention was that I had been unemployed for 2 months and have recently got my old job as a professional dishwasher back for the next 2 months prior to departing. I also forgot to mention that I was living with my mum and stepdad. That I have been feeling very isolated as all my friends work away have family commitments and other important things that do not concern myself. 

All of this is not easy to handle when you come from an easy life on ships when your biggest worry was how much alcohol I was going to consume that night. With good family and friends, a good yoga and running routine, attempting to set up a business and learning a new language. I have come through unscathed.

I could have used this lonely time to degrade myself to dwell on the negative but I chose to look positively at all the aspects and focus on what I could do to change that and make myself feel better and give myself some meaning.

I have used yoga and running to feel completely confident in my body to give me the energy to attack the day and to prepare for ski season where I want to be able to perform at a high standard. The discipline it takes to make yourself go for an 8 mile run when its blowing a gale and you could easily just sit inside and read with unlimited coffee or tea proves useful for all aspects of life. A big goal of mine now is to run 100 miles possibly next year? We will see.

I have put time in to setting up a coffee shop in my local town to help me learn all about setting up a small business which will help me in future jobs and endeavours of my own.

I am learning French as I am going to work in France it will be an obvious advantage to speak French as opposed to just English.

I also like to complete one or two daily chores to help out in the house and keep my discipline and show gratitude.

I am also writing this blog which helps me channel my thoughts and keeps me focused and is a sort of therapy to release all of this information I usually to keep to myself.

So there we go. The grass is always greener on the otherside… Unless you give your full attention to your own lawn and work on how to make your grass grow lush and green.

Keep your eyes on the prize!