Why we need Adventure

Originally posted August 21, 2018

I wouldn’t be here today in a warm house with running water, electricity and heating, with wi-fi to broadcast my internal thoughts to potentially billions of people if it was not for adventure. Adventure is discovering new things by venturing where we have not been before and gaining new knowledge and wisdom. It is what has driven the human species from cave dwellers to internet bloggers.

When most people think of adventure they imagine the most amazing feats of human capabilities such as summiting Mount Everest, an expedition to the North Pole or hiking through the amazonian jungle in the hunt for the tribes that modern day has eluded.

"Adventure" in its official definition is "An unusual and exciting typically hazardous experience or activity”.

An adventure can be anything where you push yourself out of your comfort zone. That could be climbing mount everest. It could be public speaking. It could be walking your kids to school instead of driving or it could be something as little as changing your morning routine.

In this day and age we rarely challenge ourselves and avoid risk. We avoid the things we do not know. Adventure is stepping into the unknown with the hope of discovering something new. Adventure is where progress occurs. Progress towards a goal is where we find meaning. Meaning is what gets you out of bed early in the morning to tackle the day ahead. That is why we need Adventure.

When you pursue any adventure, you are putting yourself in control of your life you are making the decisions in order to achieve your goals. When you can rely on yourself, others can then rely on you. This improves all aspects of your life from co-workers trusting and confiding in you more, being a better role model to your children so they have someone to follow and look up to, someone who is constantly chasing their dreams and improving their lives to become a better friend to become a better partner. When you can achieve your goals you are increasing confidence in yourself and others around you which builds stronger bonds between people.

Starting an adventure takes a lot of courage, it takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes your limits. This uncomfortable point is where you have to focus your mind. This is where your doubts will try to stop you, making all of the excuses that can be imagined. If you gain control of your own doubts and just go for something 100% then little unexpected events in your life will not be so dramatic as you have the mental capacity to take on the unexpected challenge.

Continuous adventure broadens the horizons. It is progression for mankind as a whole and for mankind as individuals.